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About Eslami Machine Manufacturing Company

Eslami Machine Manufacturing Company was established in 1976, aiming to produce types of industrial and chemical machinery.

This company has the sufficient experiences and expertise in designing and consultation for manufacturing paint, ink and resin production machines as well as designing and manufacturing types of reservoirs and various caldrons made by various materials.

Taking into consideration his 43-year experience, Eslami machine manufacturing company took effective steps in designing, manufacturing and development of technology of this type of machineries and has been always successful in presenting suitable services to factories and consumers by his innovation and creativity in designing, manufacturing and running up these machineries.

Verification, consultation and paying attention to the opinion of consumers are among our priorities. According to the increasing development and progress of this machine manufacturing company, we wish to take effective steps in self-sufficiency and development of this industry on grace of God and on cooperation of dear consumers.


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